Vinyl Floor Sticker or Floor Graphics

Custom floor graphics are mainly used in the retail and exhibition industry but also when rebranding offices, events or exhibitions it use spaces that are left usually blank and attract attention quickly.
It is also a good complement to wall graphics if you would like a continuous artwork going form the wall to the floor graphics printing.

Floor vinyl graphics require a special floor laminate which needs to be specific for health and safety reasons. Some of our work in the retail industry is placed in main corridors of commercial centres that have a high volume of pedestrian traffic.
We use different type of vinyl depending on how long the floor stickers are meant to remain for, be it a few weeks or a few months; the self-adhesive floor vinyl printing media used are also designed to be easy to apply and change. Our floor laminate is thick and heavily textured so it can be used in demanding walking areas and up to a 10 degree slope.

  • Full colour, high resolution digital printing
  • Almost all indoor floors such as carpets, vinyl, ceramic, tiles, wood laminate flooring, smooth-polished concrete
  • Textured matt finish
  • Little to no adhesive residue when removed
  • Strong adhesion