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Visual communication on company vehicles is one of our specialist areas of expertise.

We can provide creative solutions for vehicle advertising using all the latest technology. Using a large vehicle library which covers car graphics, trailers, buses, coaches, trains and planes, our team can create designs to provide you with original artwork which reflects your needs. If you already have your own design or are working with a marketing agency, we can also work hand-in-hand with them. The main options to consider are between Vehicle Graphics and Vehicle Wrapping.


Vehicle graphics can cover anything from cut-out vinyl letters to flat panel signs.

A wide range of products are available to make sure that individual vehicles, or an entire fleet, reflect your brand’s image Vinyl is used for most projects as the most cost effective way to mark a vehicle. There are a variety of interesting vinyl materials available now, spanning a wide range of finishes such as reflective, textured, metallic, carbon fibre and special automotive films. These self-adhesive vinyl come with a large choice of colours. We can also print your graphics to a removable substrate, such as a magnetic sheet, which are perfect for flat panels. Fitting basic vehicle graphics is a relatively straightforward process for experienced sign-makers but careful preparation and attention to detail is essential to achieve a perfect finish.

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Reflective rear chevron.

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Vehicle wrapping

A full vehicle wrap requires premium quality vinyls or specialised vehicle films which can be stretched around awkward curves. They can be gloss, matt or ultra matt. In terms of design, our design team will use specific vehicle templates to achieve the best end result with the greatest overall effect. Once you have approved the artwork the digital print process can start using our state of the art digital printers to produce high quality super-size prints. Wrapping the vehicle with a large print is a technically demanding process requiring expertise along with the correct choice of materials. A printed one-way vision film may also be applied to rear and side windows to allow the graphics to flow completely on the vehicle. These perforated window films allow occupants to see clearly through whilst the graphics are clearly visible from the outside. Effective and eye-catching vehicle graphics gives you, the customer, an unrivalled opportunity for the ultimate in mobile advertising.