Printed hoarding panels


Hoarding board design

Hoarding boards for building site hoarding. Whether you are a London property developer or a design agency looking to advertise your client’s company, or the development you are working on, AD Graphics will survey, design stunning visuals, and produce the highest quality printed for hoarding boards. From design, production and installation, we are proud of doing everything in-house and have perfect control on every aspect of the process.
Our hoarding panels service in 4 steps:


A free survey to assess your site, take accurate measurements, and discuss your project to understand all the detailed requirements.


From the Survey we’ll estimate the time needed for the design, material costs, printing costs and installation time then will come back to you with a competitive quote within 24 hrs.

Printed hoarding panels

After design approval we can begin producing the all the materials. Using the latest-technology UV and Latex printers, we can achieve fantastic results with an optimum resolution. The finish is extremely important too and we have a lot of options in stock from Matt, Gloss, Anti-Graffiti, Metallic etc.


Before Production, an install date will have been agreed. Fitting the hoarding boards is a precision task and we are specialists in this work. The time required for fitting depends primarily on the size of project.

All of these services can be provided separately with the exception of Installation as we cannot fit a product we didn’t supply. However if you wish us to Design only, or only Produce, we would be glad to help.



Once the quote has been approved, we’ll work from your briefing and will present two options to present your message. If you have a clear idea of what you want we can work within a restricted brief or, alternatively, we would be delighted to suggest original graphically inspiring designs for your target audience.

FAQs for Site Hoarding Board Printing


Q: What are site hoarding boards made of?

A: Our site hoarding boards are crafted from 3mm Aluminium Composite Material

Size Options:

Q: What’s the largest size board I can have?
A: ACM sheets are available in sizes of 8x4ft (2440mm x 1220mm) and 10x5ft (3050mm x 1500mm). While we can produce hoarding boards in any overall size, they may be split into sections for practicality.

Custom Sizes:

Q: Do you offer custom sizes?
A: Absolutely! For a personalized hoarding board size, please reach out to us via email, phone, or chat, and we’ll provide you with a tailored quote.

Printing Resolution:

Q: What resolution do you print at?
A: We print our site hoarding boards at an impressive 1440dpi. This ensures the sharpest prints, maintaining quality even when viewed up close.

Design and Installation Services:

Q: Can you design and install my hoarding panels?
A: Yes, we can!  if you require installation services, please contact us, and we’ll promptly provide you with a quotation.