Cutting vinyl letters

AD Graphics produce self-adhesive lettering and graphics for all events as well as for windows, vehicles, offices and the home. We use specific substrate (or vinyl) for your sticker requirements. Let us know the type of application, and will use the vinyl which is the most suitable for your needs. We have a large range of specific vinyls which include textured vinyl, frosted vinyl for window displays, brushed aluminium, cast vinyl for vehicles, wall vinyl, floor vinyl, permanent or removable vinyl and a lot more…everything is possible. Our plotter allows us to cut very complex and detailed graphics if need be from a vectored file which feeds through to our our printers should we need to print or cut it. Our plotter can cut your file up to 160cm high by whatever length your project is. Cheaper than a print, it can be a good solution if you need a simple visual. Please drop us a line to share your ideas, get some advice or simply to get a quote.


Graphic design is the foundation of all our work, driving us to use our creativity in finding graphic solutions. We strive to constantly bring new ideas to the table, adopting different approaches, as we know that if you think and work in the same way as you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results. We like to think we are able to think outside of the box.

Graphic Design

For clients not familiar with creating artwork for large-format printing, you will be happy to know that we can help you. We can design your canvas, roller banner, full wrapp for your vehicle or a design for your display.
Even if we are often working with ready to print artwork, we like to be creative and always design to get the best impact whatever the media we design for.
If you are graphic designer and want to get some help on how to prepare your file or need a template, please check our specification artwork page or contact us.

we are checking all files send to us before printing to make sure that we get the best result from your designon our printers and would contact you in case we have doubt about the way it is done.


Survey and Installation

AD Graphics offer an installation service for all the graphic products we sell from illuminated signs, vehicle wrapp to your office graphics.
A site survey is indispensable unless the installation is for van graphics or other simple and straight forward items like wall wrapp or window displays where a photo and some sizes should be enougth for us to estimate what material to use and the nessessary time for the graphics application.

We have installed signage in lots of venues like Central London, Harrods, Westfield, at Height, underground, in factories, in offices, every single location have their own challenges so if the installation requires scaffolding, perforating tools, working at night or a lot of man power, we make it happen. Our team of installer are flexible and can work around your opening time to minimise any disruption to your business and can provide risk assessment, certificate of inssurance or other certification on demand.

Need some advice? Call us on 0800 677 1696