Wall graphics


Office wall graphics

Would you like to wrap your walls? wall stickers, vinyls, rafa?
Put some graphics on your windows? Add some visuals on your tables, chairs, mirrors, floor or ceiling?
We can help you create all your office branding.
We create seamless quality visual communication across different mediums that can help to inspire and transform your offices. Let us help you to brand your Office Space with wall stickers or another media and create a positive impact on your clients, highlight your vision and values, engage and retain staff as well as increase productivity.
We have worked across a range of businesses from the retail sector, shops and commercial centres to more corporate environments such as Architectural firms and other professional offices and are able to deliver spaces that inspire people and improve their brand experience.

How we do it ?

We’ll need to get a brief from you to know exactly what you need which will help us to give you an as accurate estimate as possible.
If you have your artwork , we’ll ask you to send it to us then will arrange an appointment to see the walls/floors/ceilings, that will help us to choose the media.
You’ll then receive a precise quote and some visual to scale to confirm before the production began.
Our team would install all your wall stickers graphics at the agree date and at a convenient time for you.


Vinyl wall decals or rafa polycrill ?

Choosing between vinyl wall decals and Rafa Polycrill depends on your specific needs and preferences. Vinyl wall decals offer versatility with a wide range of customization options, including colors, fonts, and sizes. They are easy to apply, making them a popular choice for those looking to personalize their spaces without professional help. Vinyl is durable and suitable for various surfaces, providing a cost-effective solution for decorating homes or businesses.

On the other hand, Rafa Polycrill is known for its resilience and robustness. If durability is a top priority, especially in high-traffic areas or environments prone to wear and tear, Polycrill may be the preferred choice. It’s resistant to moisture, making it suitable for bathrooms or kitchens. However, customization options might be more limited compared to vinyl.

Ultimately, consider your intended application, aesthetic preferences, and the level of durability required. Vinyl offers flexibility and ease of customization, while Rafa Polycrill provides durability and resilience in demanding environments. Choose the material that aligns best with your specific project goals.