Window graphics printing

Window graphics printing

Our high quality of our window graphics film can catch your attention, to promote your business.
From temporary, medium and long-term installation needs using a range of materials to achieve the desired effect.
Custom size, we print on wide format self-adhesive vinyls, static cling, removable vinyls, Frosted Glass Vinyl and One way vision perforated film.


Blackout Window Stickers

If you want to block light or make a private area, use blockout window graphics in new or revamped shops. This helps businesses share important info while keeping things private.

Shop Window Stickers

Shop window stickers are a popular choice for retail businesses. They allow you to showcase your products, promotions, and branding to attract customers passing by. With vibrant colors and eye-catching designs, these stickers can make a big impact on your storefront.

One-Way Vision Film

One-way vision film is a unique material that allows you to display stunning graphics on your windows while maintaining visibility from the inside. This perforated vinyl material lets you see out from the inside, while the outside surface showcases your message or design.

Materials & Finishing

Choosing the right materials for your window graphics is crucial to ensure a professional and long-lasting display. Our self-white adhesive vinyl is laminated with either a gloss or matte clear film, providing protection and enhancing the appearance.
However, it’s important to note that one-way vision film, frosted vinyl, and static cling vinyl are not laminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove sticker residue from glass window

To remove sticker residue from a glass window, you can use common items like White spirit, rubbing alcohol, or a commercial adhesive remover. Apply the chosen solution to the residue, let it sit for a few minutes, and then gently wipe it with a clean cloth or scrape it off using a plastic scraper, credit card.

How to remove window stickers

To remove window stickers, start by peeling off as much of the sticker as possible using your fingers or a plastic scraper. Then, apply heat from a hairdryer to soften the adhesive and carefully peel off the remaining residue. For stubborn stickers, you can use a commercial adhesive remover.

Do window stickers go on the outside or inside?

Window stickers can be applied both on the outside and inside of your windows, depending on your preference and the type of sticker. If you want the sticker to be more visible from the outside, apply it on the outside surface. However, if you’re concerned about weather or tampering, applying it on the inside can offer additional protection. Call us if you need more information.

How to apply a window graphics

Applying a window sticker is a simple process. Start by cleaning the window surface thoroughly to remove any dirt or dust. Then, peel off the backing of the sticker and align it with the desired position on the window, use some tapes to hold it can be more precise. Press the sticker firmly from the center outward to remove any air bubbles and ensure a smooth application. We can install it for you if you need it. Call us for more info.


How to Prepare Images for Window Graphics?

For optimal appearance on your window graphics, adhere to these straightforward guidelines:
1. Ensure photographic images have a resolution of at least 150dpi at their full size.
2. Provide logos, text, and patterns in a vector format for clear and scalable graphics.
3. Convert fonts to outlines to avoid potential compatibility issues.
4. Include a bleed in your design to accommodate any trimming during the printing process.
5. Submit each element as a separate file, preferably in formats like PDF, AI, TIFF, PSD, or high-resolution JPG.
6. For high-quality images, consider exploring stock photo websites such as Fotolia or 123rf for a diverse array of stunning visuals.

How big can you print your vinyl window graphics?

We can print any size you require, but it may be split into sections. How wide we can print in one piece depends on the material being used. The roll widths (at industry standard) are as follows:

Clear Self Adhesive Vinyl – 1350mm

White Self Adhesive Vinyl – 1350mm

Perforated Window Graphics – 1350mm

Repositionable Vinyl – 1350mm

Please leave us a note if you have any preference on how we split your vinyl.