Hoarding Graphics on dibond


Printed Hoarding Graphics, the best way to display your advertising.

Hoardings graphics are needed on construction and building sites to cover unsightly building works. Graphics on hoardings are a perfect solution for companies to displaying your message to passing traffic.

We print and install as required your full colour printed hoarding graphics.


Building site hoarding with graphics

We covered the existing wood structure with black gloss composite aluminium, cut to allow for the skip (on the left hand side) and as an access gate for vehicles. All angles have been covered with the same folded composite aluminium to ensure that they are not sharp.

All the graphic parts were added to at a later stage, as the structure was more than 3 metres high and we didn’t want the screws to be visible. The leaves were printed and cut with a matt lamination to increase the contrast against the black gloss and all the other details were made out of self adhesive vinyl.


Conveying information and brand image is always interesting however having a platform to do so in the street is a fantastic opportunity to make a statement and promote who you are and what you stand for.