stencil and spray paint on Large Fabrics

painting fabric

Large fabric to pray

How to print a pattern on 200 meter square canvas ?

When our client, Barrel of Laughs, called us to find a way to print more than 200m2 of wood effect on an outdoor canvas which was already sewn for an external structure, of course we said yes right away. we were enthusiastic about the project, however we didn’t yet know how we would proceed.

Being born in the 70’s, we were well aware of all the non-digital ways of working,

so we used our knowledge from the 80’s in the production of the print helped with modern design software to design the pattern. We created a wood pattern design that we knew could be cut by a CNC router, then created some giant stencils, enough of them to make sure that the pattern didn’t repeat too much. We then sprayed the 200m2+ canvas with an ink fit for purpose.

inside the barrel
the making of

The result to print this canvas was as good as expected and we are proud to add this type of work to our portfolio.

fabric graphics