Sustainable Printing

The printing industry has made enormous progress to create sustainable substrates to print and although the problem of sustability is not entirely solved in the large format industry, new inks and sustrates have appeared enlarging the choice of options for environmentaly friendly printing products. We are far from biodegradable solutions, even if some exists, the main materials which are used for outdoor advertisment are recyclable .
At AD Graphics, we are using latex inks which are water based and are trying to use as much as possible non PVC media, recycling as much as possible.

Vinyl decals

Self adhesive vinyl is one of the main products used by our company and also one of the most complicated to source as PVC free options. Although it is not always possible, we engage ourselves to sources PVC free media when possible.

Latex inks

Ours printer use latex inks, which is made up of 60% water, Instead of heavy metal-laced pigment used in solvent based ink, the colorants of a latex ink are contained in resins that dissolve from heat and form a firmly fixed membrane on the printing media. Latex inks are a greener option than solvent-based ink or UV Printing which emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Componds). No special ventilation is required with Latex Inks and have no hazard or Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) labels. These inks are non-flammable and non-combustible and are nickel-free.

Medite MDF

MEDITE MDF panel manufactured with zero added formaldehyde. It has been developed specifically for use in environmentally sensitive interior applications, where formaldehyde emissions need to be kept to the minimum.

Rafa canvas

Rafa canvas can be printed to cover your entire wall in a single piece. The graphic is installed using wall paste. Rafa canvas are B1 fire rated, made from non-PVC materials so 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Falconboard & Dufaylite

These corrugated sheet products are highly sustainable and made from recycled card and paper material. They 100% recyclable. They’re great for large p.o.s. such as display boards and smaller items like boxes and packaging.



Aluminum composite sheet is a 0.3mm aluminum skin. Fully recyclable, It is a very good option for hoarding graphics. As it’s such a strong material, it can be re-used.


Aluminium is use to make strong tray, traffic signs, projecting signs and sign posts. Aluminium commands a high value on the secondary, or scrap, market and this drives collection for recycling. Aluminium can be reprocessed and reformed endlessly, and the metal loses none of its quality during the recycling process.

Printable materials

We are constantly looking for new non-PVC materials which can be printed on to minimise impact on environment.

Uncoated paper

We print directly to the paper using latex ink to make this a very highly recyclable product.


Wall covering can be PVC free, FSC® certified. Our wallpaper is a fire-rated products. The material is premium non-woven wallpaper printed with latex waterbased inks.